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Download TutuApp for iOS and Android for free and follow the how-to guide to install it hassle-free on your devices.

Some apps are not allowed to be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android PlayStore. The reason is that they do not fulfill the requirements that Apple or other Android software look for. Hence, they are not granted the certificate to be downloaded directly. 

While the users cannot challenge the company’s rules, this should not stop android or iOS users from enjoying such apps, including exclusive games; some third-party apps act as a play store for such apps and enable the users to download such apps from them. TutuApp is one such app that enables android or iOS users to download apps that can otherwise not be downloaded from the Apple play store or android play store. The app is safe and secure, but it has been designed While keeping the view of the ultimate goal of providing the best user experience.

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TutuApp Features

TutuApp is counted among the best third-party apps enabling the users to download the games or other apps. Here are some features of the app:

  • Downloads free: TutuApp lets the user download the games and other otherwise impossible apps to download from the play store without incurring any charge.
  • Connectivity: While the aim has been to give the highest level of convenience to the users, the designers have not left any stone unturned in the process. The app lets you download using either of the two: WIFI or mobile data. This also provides on the go convenience of downloading the apps or the games.
  • Log in: This feature of the app is another way to make sure the process is smooth, simple, and easy. The app does not require any login or registration. All the users need to do is download TutuApp and start downloading their favorite apps.
  • No medium required: While simplicity has been the key for the app, it enables the users to download the apps without using any other medium. I root needed for Android users and no jailbreak for iOS users.
  • Updates: The app makers make sure that they move ahead with the time, no matter when the user has downloaded the app on their device. They release regular updates and repair the fixes very rapidly to provide the best user experience.
  • Multi download: Time-saving has also been taken into consideration. The users of both android and iOS can download more than one of their favorite apps simultaneously, without having to wait for one app to be downloaded, and start the download process for the next one.

TutuApp VIP Features

Here are the features of TutuApp VIP:

  • Top Games: Android and iOS users can download games from TutuApp VIP. These games include the newest and the most exclusive games all across the world. This is indeed one of the best third-party apps to download the games.
  • Global apps: The users can download all the apps, irrespective of the location. Neither the user requires any ID or password nor any other formality. 
  • Exclusive benefits: TutuApp VIP provides exclusive benefits to the users, including downloading the apps without requiring the jailbreak. Much other stuff can also be downloaded, including screen recorder and the gaming emulators otherwise not available on the play stores.
  • Tweaks: The app enables the users to avail their favorite tweaks to add the extra functionality to iOS or Android devices.
  • Fast and stable: In a world where time is the most precious thing, the app makes sure that it completes the downloading task as quickly as possible. It is not only fast but is stable as well.

TutuApp Lite Features

Tutu App Lite is a wonderful app installer for iOS. It provides the user a cent percent secure platform to download all the third-party apps and games. These apps also include those which cannot be directly downloaded from the play stores due to certification issues. Here are some major features of the Tutu Lite app:

  • User interface: The interface that Tutu app Lite uses is the same as that of the apple. This ensures that the users who are already using Apple for a long time and have a good command of the play store’s whereabouts would easily use the interface. Moreover, the interface is user friendly and ensures maximum support from the team of the app.
  • Vast selection: Life looks good when you get the option to select the things according to your choice and not the things that you are compelled to do. Tutuapp understands this pretty well and lets you select your choice’s games and apps with utmost ease and convenience. All you need to do is download the app on your device and get going with the download of all the wonderful apps that you have always wanted on your device but could not be downloaded because of the certification issues.
  • Safest way: Tutuapp provides one of the safest ways to download the most exclusive apps and games after the play store. The security and the regulation aspects have well been taken care of by the designers, and there is no loophole. Quick and reliable support from the team of TutuApp is provided in case of any problems being faced by the users.
  •  No jailbreak: This has been the best thing about the app. The app does not need any medium to download the apps on the device. This means that there is no jailbreak required in the iOS devices to download the apps through this third party app.
  • The download speed is way quick: The download speed provided by the Tutu app to download other apps and games is incredibly fast. Moreover, it is safe and reliable to down; load the 
  • Tutu app’s apps to ensure the device’s security.
  • You will find absolutely no hiccups: No one for sure likes something that has more passes than the actual action. Tutuapp is one such platform for the users that is smooth and ensures that the downloading occurs without any obstruction.
  • It provides simple customization: The app also enables the users to provide a straightforward customization platform. The users can customize the app according to their choice. Customization of the app refers to the setting up the genre of the games of the apps that are of the users’ interest. Even the themes can also be customized.

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How to install TutuApp on iOS

The installation of the Tutu app is an easy process. Here is the simple stepwise procedure to download the app:

  1. Download the version of TutuApp (Free, VIP, and Lite) according to your choice from the above links.
  2. The next step involves opening the settings option on your device. The user needs to grant all the necessary permits required for the app. Here are the steps that need to be followed: 
  3. Click on the Settings 
  4. Go to General settings options
  5.  Click on the option that says Profiles
  6.  look for TutuApp and press the option that says Trust.
  7. This would enable the user to use the app for downloading the stuff of their choice.

Alternative Method

Not just this, there is an alternative way to install the app on iOS devices.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Step 1: Download the regular version.
  2. Step2: After the screen gets loaded, click on the option at the bottom of the screen, which shows an upward arrow.
  3. Step3: Once the screen loads, now click on the option to add to the home screen and type the name you want to give to the application in the pop-up window, which reflects after that. Enter OK.
  4. Step4: Close the browser you are working on, and you will be able to see TutuApp on your device’s home screen.

This concludes that no jailbreak, root, or any other medium is required to download the app on iPhone or iPad. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Tutu Lite app?

TutuApp is an alternative to download the apps on your iOS device, which can not be downloaded from the Apple play store. The reason being that these apps do not fulfill the requirements of Apple to get downloaded from their play store.TutuApp Lite was introduced when the company revoked many third-party app installers. Since then Tutu Lite app has become very popular among users because of its various features. This is available for both iOS and Android.

Is the Tutu Lite app safe to use?

Tutu app Lite is an absolutely safe option to download the apps from a third-party app installer. It has been quite some time since the app has been launched, and no such news of malfunctioning, viruses, or malware issues have been reported by the users yet. This would let us assume that the app is absolutely safe to download your choice’s games and apps. Moreover, during its installation process, there is no involvement of any unwanted applications or the invasion of adverse which might hinder the user experience and affect the mobile device. Hence, the Tutu Lite app is safe to be used.

Is the 2020 version of the Tutu Lite app still active?

Yes, the TutuApp APK version is still stable and can be readily used. V 3.6.4 users can use it on their android devices to download millions of free games and apps.

Is Tutu App legal?

There is no such confirmation about being legal or not. Though they help the users to download the apps which Apple does not allow on the Apple play store, but on the other hand, the app would have been banned by now if in case it had some legal formalities yet to be finalized. Commenting on its legality is a controversial topic for now.

Does Tutuapp run only in iOS?

No, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Conclusion: TutuApp iOS and APK Download

Third-party apps have gained popularity because of the fact that users felt left out from enjoying so many exclusive games and apps just because they could not be downloaded from the Play Store. While these third-party apps have provided a platform for the users to enjoy what they have been missing, they also maintain the standards. TutuApp, one such app available in two different versions, free and paid, is a top-rated third-party app among iOS and Android users. The app ensures quality, safety, and a steady pace of download and is a user-friendly app. All you need to do is download the app and start downloading your favorite games or apps on your device, which was otherwise not possible because of these apps’ certification issues with Apple. With the ease to download and tremendous features to enjoy, Tutuapp is a perfect platform for all users’ download needs. 

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