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TutuApp Android APK Download for free. Follow the installation guide for your devices.

From the kids to old age people, everyone was very interested in playing mobile games these days. For all the game lovers irrespective of their age, a new app has been introduced, called Tutuapp. Tutuapp is a third party application that allows users to download games, videos, etc. It has the compatibility of various devices like IOS as well as Android gadgets. It has undergone several tests like- speed tests, regular tests, safety, the stability of Google pixel, etc. It has some alternative apps like TweakBox, AltStore, TweakDoor, AC Market, Panda Helper, AppValley & HappyMod, etc. Also if any issues arise while using, the testers can address the users within 2 or 3 days. 

Specifications of Tutuapp

License  Free
Developer Tutuapp
Version 3.4.1
Requirement (Android) Android 3.0 and up
Language English
Available for Android and iOS
Size 21.4 MB for Android
Category App Store
Filename  tutuapp-3-4-1.apk

tutuapp apk

Download Tutuapp APK


 The Tutuapp for Android users was very useful to download various games. tweaks such as Snapchat, Pokemon GO, Minecraft PE, Spotify, etc. Some of the features of the tutu app are, 

  • It has tons of games and videos from unofficial Android and iOS apps.
  • It has the availability to add tweaks to the favorite apps and games.
  • it allows several exclusive apps like jailbreak, emulators to add extra content to the available game or app which is not provided by the official website.
  • The Tutu app website and interface are very clean and neat. It is user friendly and very easy to use.
  • The tutu app is ever ready to sort out the issues and fix the box by providing frequent messages to the user.
  • The Tutuapp can be accessed directly with no interference of jailbreak.
  • It is available in two different versions. When are the free version and the other one is the VIP version?

Tutuapp VIP for Android Features:

TutuApp VIP is exclusively designed for Android users. But the developer also provided some specifications for iOS users. It has the compatibility of Android 4.4 version and above versions. For older versions, it cannot be used. It supports various kinds of mods, hacks, games, tweaks, etc. the user interface is very interactive and easy to access. It is about several modes for both Android and iOS like – Last day on Earth hack (iOS), 

Clash of Clans hack, Subway Surfers hack, Pokemon Go hack, Clash Royale mod, Minecraft mod, Youtube ++ hack APK. Though the app supports hacks, it is not a hacked app. It is completely legal and safe.

The procedure for downloading the Tutuapp VIP consists of few steps. They can be explained as below – 

  • On the official website first, click on the download button.
  • the downloaded application file needs to be sent to the Android device.
  • then open file manager in the Android device, click on the install button of the application.
  • follow the screen instructions and the installation has been completed within a few seconds.
  • Then the application is ready to utilize and access.
  • Now the users can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences.

TutuApp Lite for Android Features:

      TutuApp Lite application is a new update from the Total app. It is completely official and legal. It is very convenient and there is no ecstasy to describe it as a kind-hearted person. It allows several paid apps and videos for free and has the compatibility of the latest iOS version and Android versions. The Tutuapp lite is introduced with Advanced features and can get different thousands of apps, games, tweaks which are not available on the homepage. Some of the advanced features of Tutuapp lite are – 

  • It doesn’t charge anything and provides a free service for accessing several games, tweaks, hacked and modded for premium paid versions also.
  • It is easy to install and user-friendly.
  • The website is also clean and clear to understand.
  • As it is very small in size, it occupies less space.
  • It has undergone several tests and proved to be safe. The maximum extent of bugs was sorted out.

How to Install TutuApp on Android

The installation of the Tutu app on Android devices is simple and straightforward. It has a few steps to install the application. They are as follows:

  • First, download the application file from the above link.
  • Then click on the Settings, in that, select security. Here we can find a tab called device administration. In that, we need to turn on the installation from unknown sources.
  • Search and find the download manager tab. By clicking on it will process the installation task.
  • follow the screen directions and allow the permissions required. This will help you to complete the installation process.
  • Now the total app is available on your device to utilize and enjoy the games. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the tutu app not working? 

If the total app has been installed on an Apple device without using jailbreak, then it may not work. If the total app has been installed on Android devices, it doesn’t require any jailbreak. But in the case of Apple devices, it doesn’t work unless jailbreak is attached.

What are the basic advantages of the tutu app?

The basic advantages of the Tutuapp are:

  1. It is completely free. It doesn’t charge anything for several games and videos.
  2. Its interface is very user-friendly and interactive.
  3. It supports multiple devices and has high compatibility.
  4. It possesses several unique features.
  5. It is completely legal and safe.

Who is the publisher of TutuApp and when was it launched?

In the year 2012, the total app was published by Ficción Producciones. It is a Hong Kong-based application that can be utilized by multiple applications.

What are the limitations of the tutu app?

Apart from the several advantages of the tutu app, it has two major limitations. They are – the user always needs to be worried about the malware and viruses. Another limitation is that the security needs to be checked twice or thrice with the utilization of unknown sources.

Does the Tutuapp work on iPhone?

Yes. Of course, the Tutuapp works on an iPhone. It provides all its services with good quality and high speed. It doesn’t have any limitations.

Is the app legal and safe? 

Yes. The app is completely legal and safe. It has cleared several tests and all the bugs were removed.

Conclusion: Download TutuApp APK for Android

Hence the tutu app is a third-party app that provides convenience with its Advanced versions like Tutuapp lite and Tutuapp VIP. Each app has been designed minimum size with more number features. This increases the convenience and acceptance of users. And the user interface is very easy and attractive. The downloading procedures of each app on various devices May differ with slight changes. But all the procedures are simple and straightforward. As it is a safe app, users can enjoy their gaming passion, tweaking, etc with this app undoubtedly.

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