vShare is among the most prominent and recognized app-stores which assists in downloading various apps and games on your mobile devices, without JailBreak on iOS.

Features of vShare

App Library

It provides numerous popular Apps from iOS and Android apps and games.


It exclusively supports all the firmware editions and also iOS devices.

Exclusive Apps

Free games and exclusive apps which include movie streaming apps, game emulators, screen recorder, Tweaks for Android and iOS.

Regular Updates

The regular updates involve testing reliability. The app developers play a major role to keep an eye on the app to see that there are no major issues pertaining to this. 

User Friendly

This is one of the simplest and easiest app installers that the users can make use of. 


The regular updates make sure that the downloads are virus-free, install the updates when they are released to keep the downloads safe.

Download vShare

After you have downloaded the app successfully on your Android or iOS device, you need to use it for downloading the games or other apps. The app will be opened when you click on the icon on the screen. From your favorite category, you need to choose from the apps or games that are available, the instructions will be provided as to how you download the app, follow the guidelines. Once you have downloaded the app, you may begin to worry about the safety of the app. The app is 100% safe, the contents are without hazards for unsafe changes. There is the built-in SSL encryption by which the app is protected. 

Note: vShare is currently experiencing issues. The button below links to TuTuApp which is a great alternative.

Download vShare for Android and PC


My favourite store on iOS devices. Period.
Ana Brown
iOS user
Though I have a lot of options on my Android, but vShare for Android sure does bring new apps and games.
John Pinch
Android Enthusiast
I used it on my iPad, MAC and even on a PC. My first choice app store after Apple's App Store. Love it!
David McCan


No, as mentioned, vShare is a non-jailbreak application.

No, there is nothing illegal about vShare,

No, it’s not. But since it’s a third party application, your device may raise a warning for the same.

About vShare

vShare app gives assistance for large devices like iOS versions, also provides access to many
games and free apps, vShare comes with a paid version which is very simple to download. For
those who cannot update the version, vShare is helpful to provide Cydia. It is the most popular feature-packed app store which provides games and other apps along with some third-party
apps. VShare has the option to match all its users and the benefits are immense.